Review: Extreme Fitness 15kg Wallball

I was lucky enough to be sent a wallball from the guys at Extreme Fitness UK. Due to an ever-increasing standard, the 20lb wallball may soon be a thing of the past, so this bad boy should get me ready for the introduction of a 30lb ball. As a shorty I hate wall balls, so this 33lb monster should be an interesting addition to the training shedule…

Look and feel

As you can see the contrast in the colours looks amazing with the logo and weight printed neatly. The string seals up the wallball and adds additional support around the centre. The feel is firmer than your usual wallball, but still has a cushioned outer to be soft on the hands. I should point out that the firmness may be because it’s new-ish. However, this isn’t a problem, as I find the ball is in and out of your hands quickly with a firmer cushion. The wallball has grip speckles (see image above), which enhance the grippy-ness of the outer material making them a little easier.


The ball performs well and doesn’t go miss shaped if dropped. This is a problem I have experienced with material wallballs previously. The weight feels towards the bottom of the wall ball and takes some getting used to, but all is well once thrown. It has an even weight distribution, so throwing and catching that bit easier. The wallball is aiding my training at the moment and so far I have no complaints! Extreme Fitness UK don’t do a 30lb version of this, so I opted for 33lb to make training that little bit tougher. I have dropped the ball from 20ft on multiple occasions and had no problems thus far.

To conclude

The grip, look and feel of the wallball are tremendous, and it has been a great introduction to my training. Only time will tell on the true quality of this product, but first indications are good. If you need a new wallball/s get in touch with Extreme Fitness UK.



2 thoughts on “Review: Extreme Fitness 15kg Wallball

  1. It’s insane but also great for the sport how the standards are changing. I think it’ will craft not just stronger elite athletes but boxes that have members that are fitter. Wallballs are never my favourite but I find that once you get a rhythm then they aren’t so bad.


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