Time to Shine: One For The People 2017

After competing at One For The People in 2015 and placing 11th, it was time to see how far I’d come in two years and push for a spot on the podium. Sam and I finished in second place at the Inferno Pairs Series a couple of weeks ago so it was time to put what we had learnt in Sheffield to the test.

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Finding fuel in an empty tank: Inferno Racing Pairs Series 2017

After Strength in Depth in November, I couldn’t wait another year to get involved with Inferno Racing’s portfolio of fitness competitions. Thankfully Inferno has a same-sex pairs competition, which I had only heard good things about. Me and Sam Turner signed up for the Sheffield fixture of the Inferno Racing Series to see if this one lived up to the hype. I’m not sure we were mentally prepared for what the weekend had in store.

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