Whether you’re completing a workout or a strength cycle you need to know your personal best (one rep max or personal record) for a particular movement. This is so you can gage whether a workout weight is too heavy and so you know what weight you should be lifting in a strength cycle based on a percentage.

One of the most important things I have found to remember is that

‘be patient, you can’t PB all the time.’

Max 100kg Ground to Overhead in a workout, Rainhill Trials, February 2016

Here’s a list of my PB’s from April 2015 to the last time I tested. It’s important to have a testing week at the end of a cycle to monitor progress. Due to a few niggles I haven’t been able to test after each programme cycle, which is ideal.


April 2015 – 80kg

Current – 140kg

Clean & Jerk

April 2015 – 80kg

Current – 140kg


April 2015 – 40kg

Current – 110kg


April 2015 – 160kg

Current – 215kg

Back Squat

April 2015 – 140kg

Current – 172.5kg

Front Squat

April 2015 – 100kg

Current – 150kg

Strict Press

April 2015 – 80kg

Current – 90kg

Bench Press

April 2015 – 135kg

Current – 140kg