Review: Gold Standard Nutrition Pot O Gold

One of Gold Standard Nutrition’s (GSN) best sellers is the Pot O Gold, and it’s easy to see why. They’re nutritious and convenient, but what’s not to like?

Pot O Gold’s are convenient, microwavable healthy meals, which allow athletes who are tracking their food intake to measure their macros or supplement their diet. The RRP on these pots is £3.00, which doesn’t break the bank, but does only provide less than 500 calories to your daily intake.

Nutritional information

These pots are simply rice, vegetables, chicken and sauce and come in eight flavours. The sauce determines the fat and carb content in the pots, but the protein content remains pretty consistent. Flavours such as Sweet Chilli have a higher carb content due to sugar in the sauce and flavours such as Satay have a higher fat content due to the sauce. The naked Pot O Gold’s are as you would expect the cleanest flavour of this product and come in at 345 calories, 36.8g protein, 45.9g carbs and 1.6g fat. The nutritional information of the Pots mentioned is below: 



Some of the pots the pots take longer than others in the microwave, but all take between four to five minutes. Straight from the freezer usually produces the best cooking results with texture and finish. However, it is worth noting that like all microwavable meals these sometimes don’t turn out perfect. I have found this to be the case when I have taken the product to work and allowed it to defrost a little. The rice and sauce can become dry if cooked for too long and watery if not cooked for long enough. This has only happened twice in around 30 pots but is worth noting when microwaving from chilled. You can tell GSN have worked hard to get the right amount of sauce in each pot, as it is perfect. Not too much or not too little.

Yummy 😋


I’m a big fan of sauces, and so all the sauce flavours appeal to me than the naked flavour. However, I often add BBQ sauce to the naked pots, and it tastes awesome. My favourite hands down is the Satay. I could eat these every day without a doubt. This said, all the flavours are great, and there is something for everyone. Flavours include; Naked, Sweet Chilli, Satay, Tikka, Peri Peri, Chilli Black Bean, BBQ and Thai Green Curry.


For me, these are great if you have the money to spend on them. They are great to take to work or the gym on days where you don’t feel like meal prepping in place of pre-prepped healthy meals. Everyone has those days, right? They are stuffed with protein and carbs, while also not being too high in saturated fats. I use Pot O Golds to supplement my existing diet and add to my daily 3000+ calorie intake as a mid-morning meal. However, for some people may be a full meal depending on your goal for calorie intake. I recommend these if you have the money to spend and you want good quality convenient food. GSN do some great packages, so it’s worth checking those out. Definitely, try the Chicken Satay flavour!

Thanks GSN for giving me the opportunity to taste these scrumptious pots of joy.

All the GSN 😋

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