REVIEW: USN Protein Delite

USN have kindly sent me a few Protein Delite bars to taste test, so here’s what I think…

As with all protein bars, I eat them to accompany my REAL food diet as a supplement and do not replace meals with them. They provide me with additional protein, carbs and fats to accompany my diet if required. I usually eat them daily.

USN Protein Delite (50g)

Nutritional information:

216 calories – 15.6g of protein, 19.3g carbs, 8.3g fat.
The calories are about average for a protein bar of this size, but in my opinion, this bar falls short on protein in comparison to its nearest competitors. Most protein bars these days boast around 20g of protein but have more grams of carbs. The bar only weighs 50g which is around 10g lighter than competitors, which explains why there is less protein, but I would like to see more.


The Protein Delite looks like a Nestle Lion bar but tastes much better. The bar is covered in a REAL chocolate coating!  Almonds make up the top layer and once you bite through this you get to a layer of soft chewy toffee. This is followed by a soft bottom layer of chocolate to compliment the toffee topping. It’s nice and soft caramel and chocolate inner is not too chewy and is delicious.

Soft gooey centre 😍


I had my first taste after a tough gym session and it was a welcomed ‘delite’. It was like I had discovered a new chocolate bar as a child all over again. The taste is one of those melt in your mouth chocolate bar tastes, where they have got it perfect. Unlike other protein bars that can be chalky, dry, chewy and tasteless the USN protein deluxe tastes like a real chocolate bar, but is a healthier choice. You can certainly get the almond and toffee taste coming through and if you like that you’ll love this flavour.
I recommend this bar. Great taste, texture, size and I enjoyed it.
Thanks USN for sending

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