RP Strength – A true nutrition, training and performance partner

Life’s too short to wonder what you’re capable of, so I’ve partnered up with Renaissance Periodisation (RP) Strength to aid me with my diet and optimise my training sessions. This new tool is already having a positive effect on my short and long term goals.

Who are RP Strength?

With RP Strength formulas, calculations, and literature reviews replace gurus, hunches, and attachments to tradition. It’s all evidenced-based stuff!

Through years of experience with everyday people all the way through to professional athletes they know what works to help you reach your goals.


Here’s what RP Strength do:

Diet App
Revolutionary dieting app – personal, pocket diet coach, combining the expertise of RP Scientists with PHDs in nutrition, training and performance.

Online and downloadable guides to help you reach fitness goals in; diet, training and performance.

Read up on the academic theory behind training, nutrition and performance, or get your hands on an excellent cookbook to spice your diet up.

Personalised diet and training plans based around your needs. It includes check-ins 3x per week and a guaranteed 24hr response rate on questions.

How RP Strength has helped me

I can only speak for the RP Diet App and eBooks, but these so far have been great to aid my training and performance.


RP Diet App

The RP Diet App tracks the progress of your physique and diet goals as well as allowing you to input your meal intake, activity level and the number of workouts. You can only enter whole foods, which almost forces you to eat clean and prep your own food. Otherwise, to track your macros you’ll be adding bits and bobs and guessing amounts, which defies the point. One strange thing I found at first was that you have to enter foods as a protein, carb or fat, and there is a set prescribed list of the foods you can eat. For me, this has proven to be a good thing. Before starting on the App, I would often eat less nutritious non whole-foods foods to supplement up my diet. What’s also useful are the notifications 30 minutes before its time to eat are also a great reminder when it’s coming up to mealtime to finish what you’re doing and prep and/or cook your food.

You can sign up to the RP Diet App using code JT10, and that will make it £64.99 or $69.99 instead of £77.94 or $89.94 (usually £12.99 or 14.99 a month).


The eBooks have allowed me to gain knowledge at my own pace about the principles and theory surrounding diet, strength training, training frequency and recovery. These are for the most part easy reads but can get quite complex depending on the subject matter. However, I have been able to pick these up and read them before bed and while on holiday so far no problem. If I can digest this information with a limited amount of prior knowledge, then I’m sure anyone can.

Get 10% off eBooks with code JT10; they are so worth it!

In conclusion

I have trialled the RP Strength App and eBook before posting this blog post, as I am a believer in only supporting companies I truly believe in. RP Strengths reputation speaks for itself in the CrossFit/Fitness sphere, but that didn’t mean that it would work for me. The team behind the company are super friendly and have guided me with comprehensive answers to any questions or queries. I have expanded my knowledge and the RP Strength App has made tracking and monitoring my nutrition goals easier for sure.





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