The start of something BIG with SAVAGE BARBELL

I think just about every person in the CrossFit sphere has now heard of Savage Barbell after their tremendous growth over the last 12 months. An opportunity to collaborate came my way and I had to explore this further…

I first got to test Savage Barbell clothing through being part of Team Savage with Kelly Baker at the Battle For Middleground mixed pairs competition in December 2018. However, with the kit being so good I also tested it out at The European Championships individual competition soon after (see pics below). Kelly has been part of Team Savage for some time now and for Savage to support us at the competition was brilliant. The kit I got was some of the best I have tried and I was blown away by the quality and fit.

Savage Barbell Competition Shorts and Socks


Through testing the kit over the last 6 months I have not only tested quality, but also durability in five competitions and everyday training.

Every guy knows that for a CrossFit/Fitness company clothing to be considered legit, they have to produce good shorts. Usually, anyone can produce a decent tri-blend t-shirt, but it’s the shorts which are the hardest to source. Savage Barbell currently not only produce one type of top quality shorts but have two pairs – one for training and one for competition. These are true to size and allow you to move without the waistband being too small/big and the legs being too baggy. Moreover, the quality of the t-shirts is better than other companies trying to make their mark in a competitive sector. I have four t-shirts which I have worn weekly since December 2018 and they are yet to fade or stretch like some others have. Savage’s socks also for me are impressive. They’re a little thinner than stance and have more durability so that you can complete longer workouts without your feet overheating. I definitely recommend trying these.


An exclusive partnership

As I feel comfortable and believe strongly in these products through testing them I have been wearing them non stop and going Savage the credit they deserve over Instagram and on this blog. This has since opened up conversations with their athlete management team. After also speaking to Kelly Baker, who is from my hometown of Barnsley and getting excellent feedback, it was a no brainer to explore working with Savage Barbell. With Savage getting positive reviews from someone I trust and also stocking a high-quality range of clothing – of course, I was happy to discuss an exclusive partnership with them moving forward.


I am now looking forward to representing Savage Barbell in the UK and Europe through competitions and other collaborations. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting events coming up soon.

 If you do want to buy some amazing gym wear from the Savage Barbell website – use code JT15 to save.



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