New Year, New Supplements!

I have been lucky enough to be approached and asked to represent Ascent Protein and their exclusive UK supplier React Nutrition. Ascent is an exciting new protein and soon to be supplement company who are taking the USA fitness market by storm. But this isn’t the only reason I wanted to get on board and represent this brand. It’s an opportunity too good to resist.

The Native Fuel: Ascent Protein

Ascent Native Fuel Whey is ‘Elite Protein at its Purest’. This whey protein is the least processed protein available on the market today, as it’s filtered directly from high-quality milk. Native whey also contains naturally higher levels of leucine, the key amino acids for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. No further processing, no bleaching, no dyes and no artificial ingredients are used to create this protein, which is purer than any competitors.

Ascent Protein and Casein

Ascent doesn’t buy their protein in bulk from a factory like most other protein and supplement companies. Instead, Ascent buys milk and make 100% of their protein in their own facilities.

Katrin Davidsdottir has recently being named as one of Ascent’s sponsored athletes. The fact that the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games champion endorses this product states a couple of things to me. The product is high quality and she believes in it and also Ascent Protein are serious about growth and expansion to bring such a big name on board.


React Nutrition

React Nutrition house all of the best and most well-known supplement brands on the market. Their desire to develop their own, quality, UK manufactured sports nutrition products, and also to provide products from some of the sports nutrition industries biggest, and most popular brands is what makes them stand out for me. Partnering with these guys and Ascent will allow me to have access a wealth of experience and to the best supplements available across Europe.

Photo 08-01-2018, 18 25 02
Dumbell front squats 🙂

This is an incredible opportunity for me to get involved with a company who are still in infancy and grow alongside them over here in the UK through React Nutrition.

If Ascent Protein is good enough for Katrin, it’s definitely good enough for me!

Keep your eyes peeled for a review of Ascent Protein and Casein.




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