REVIEW: Adidas Leistung 2

After wearing my Adidas Adipower shoes out through rigorous CrossFit, it was time for an upgrade. The Adidas Leistung 2’s are beautiful, but do they live up to their name and is the additional 4.8mm of heel a help or hinderance?

Previously, I have tried Nike Romaleo 2s which I found too heavy and rigid for CrossFit. I have also wore the Inov8 Fastlift BOA, which are great for working out in, but lacked the stability of Adidas lifters. It was time for a new pair of lifters, and so I opted to stay brand loyal and chose the new Adidas Leistung 2s.


The shoes look beautiful on Adidas’s website images. However, in real life, the shoe laces let the shoes down when fastened. They are too long for the shoe and droop down untidily. Adidas got away with long laces through tucking them behind the velcro strap on the Adipowers. But now the Leistung’s BOA closure system reveals any lace, which makes the shoes look uglier than images on the internet where the laces are unfastened and tucked back into the shoe. This said, the shoes still look better than any other weightlifting shoe, with smooth clean lines and colours. They have a minimalistic look with the white soles complimenting the black vent flow ADIWEAR material. As they are neutral colours, they go well with any weightlifting or CrossFit outfit. This is unlike some bright coloured lifters which look out of place with contrasting coloured trouser or short comination.

Beautiful 😍


This shoe is designed to assist the wearer to lift maximal weight and is an upgrade to the Red Rio 2016 Leistung 2 shoe. The one inch (24.8mm) toe to heel rise ensures this. This is an extra 4.8mm in comparison to their nearest rivals the Nike Romaleo 3s. Adidas’s additional 4.8mm heel height feels great. I thought that the extra height would make the shoe unstable, but the lockdown BOA closure system, steel laces, a rear foot cradle, and a TPU midsole for next-level stability on the heaviest lifts.

Leistung translates in German to ‘Performance’ and Adidas have encapsulated this in this shoe in my opinion. These shoes are designed for weightlifters only. The heel and overall shoe is higher giving you less time to get under the bar. But I have found that this puts my body in a much more upright position with increased squat depth. These shoe have definitely helped with my lifts.

To conclude…

These shoes are quite heavy (480 grams) in comparison to the old Adipowers or new Romaleo 3s, which has proved more of a problem when performing CrossFit movements. As you’d expect toes to bar are harder, and box jumps are near impossible with the rigid weightlifting sole. The one-inch heel also makes a quick set up harder for weightlifting movements in workouts. I now use my Metcons for all CrossFit activity, unless there is a max lift involved where I’ll wear my Leinstung 2s. I can’t recommend these as a workout shoe, but do recommend them solely for weightlifting.

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