Speedy and stress free mornings with Vitamyn

One of the most annoying things about my morning routine is having to open vitamin pots to get tablets out, sounds silly, but I’m sure many people share the pain! It might only take a couple of minutes, but at 7 am in the morning it feels like torture. I have been using Vitamyn’s convenient tablet dispenser for nearly one month and here are my thoughts…

Like most people working full time, I often struggle to get the right number of vitamins in my everyday diet. So, I take a variety of vitamin tablets to compliment my diet and keep me in tip top condition for work and training. When I stop taking or run out of supplementary vitamins I notice it when training in the gym.

Vitamyn has given me everything I need, such as antioxidants, omega three fats, ultraviolet beta rays and calcium and magnesium minerals. Each Vitamyn tray is £28 and has 28 pods of tablets- one per day.

Each men’s pod contains:

  • 3x Omega-3 soft gels
  • 1x Vitamin C (1000mg)
  • 1x Vitamin D (3000iu)
  • 1x Multimineral

It’s as simple as popping the pod out of the tray, peeling back the lid and then taking the tablets. What I have also found useful is that the pods can be taken out of the tray and travel with you, so you don’t have to take the full tray away on a trip.

Supplements are never the answer to optimal health, and they should only be taken alongside a healthy balanced diet. With free delivery and a simpler supplement experience, I recommend anyone with a busy lifestyle giving Vitamyn a try. Plus, what is coming soon is their app. You’ll be able to record and track your micronutrient intake when connected to ensure the best results.

Thanks, Vitamyn for making my mornings more bearable, while also giving me great micronutrient support.


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