Review: BearGrips 2 in 1 wrist wraps and hand protectors

I've always struggled with protecting my soft hands and wrists, but will these Bear Grip 2 in 1 hand and wrist protectors solve two problems in one during workouts?


These grips look how you would expect with high-quality leather palm protectors added to thick weightlifting wrist wraps. It sounds simple, but it must have taken Bear Grips a while to do the research and development on these as they not only look great, but also fit my fat hands nicely. It took me a long time to work out where to put the velcro to begin with, but then I read the instructions and it all made sense. So if you're planning on getting a pair of these ensure you do that.

Photo 21-06-2017, 16 18 36


As I'm used to cotton and material grips to protect my hands in regular training it did take me a while to get used to the leather grips. At first, they were really slipping on the bar, but then I added chalk did a few sets of ring muscle ups and they started to feel much better. The wrist wraps came into their own on overhead squats as this is where my wrists struggle. With conventional hand protectors you can't put wrist wraps over the hand grips or they dig into your arm and the wrist strap is too small on hand grips to go over the wrist wraps. This is why who ever made this product is a genius.


The wrist wraps have two Velcro sticking points making them much more secure and tighter to protect the wrist more. This snug feeling is great and I now detach the hand protectors and use the wrist wraps when just weightlifting. They're that good.

The hand protectors can only work when attached the wrist wraps, which may put some people off have wrist wraps on during just a set of pull-ups. However, they're comfortable enough to wear together all the time. The leather palm protectors once worn in over a number of sessions start to soften up and get used to your way of gripping equipment or the rig.

One minor problem with these is they do take longer to put on than hand protectors or wrist wraps. So if you're like me and wait until the last possible second before a workout to put these on, then allow enough time.

Photo 21-06-2017, 16 17 15

To conclude

These are a great product and I am going to use these on workouts which involve barbell cycling and gymnastics movements in the future for sure. I use the wrist wraps daily for my weightlifting sets, but the fact that they take so long to put on sometimes puts me off wearing them for sets of stand alone pull up practice.

I would recommend getting these to anyone who had the same issues as me needing to wear wrist wraps and hand protectors during workouts. They just don't fit together and this takes away the stress of not wearing one or the other.




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