After the unrivalled success of their recovery oil, Activ7 have added a new product to their arsenal. Activ7 have been kind enough to send me their latest recovery bath salts to review. But do they work?

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Speedy and stress free mornings with Vitamyn

One of the most annoying things about my morning routine is having to open vitamin pots to get tablets out, sounds silly, but I’m sure many people share the pain! It might only take a couple of minutes, but at 7 am in the morning it feels like torture. I have been using Vitamyn’s convenient tablet dispenser for nearly one month and here are my thoughts…

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Surround yourself with people who have dreams

As the saying goes ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’. If this weak link is in your support network, it can be detrimental to your results in and outside of the gym. I’ve been lucky with my support team. I have an understanding family and set of friends who also do CrossFit and love to also see improvements and make gains. But this wasn’t always the case. What if you haven’t got a strong social support network?

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