Life Begins When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Ten Tips for CrossFit Beginners

I was not lucky enough to start CrossFit at a young age and so time is of the essence in order to peak quickly. Having tis attitude, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but these have allowed me to reflect and learn. I’m now just over 18 months into my CrossFit journey and I’m still coming across new things. I’m always finding new and better ways of moving and generally thinking ‘I wish I knew that before’. I’m bigger, faster and stronger than I’ve ever been. I feel great, so CrossFit must be the best thing ever, right? Yes and no. Both physically and mentally CrossFit has been a life changer. But the downside is that there is no guidebook through this journey. I have made countless mistakes that at times have caused injury or illness. There was no one to point out my blatant errors.

Here are a few things which I wish someone would have told me to do sooner in order to enable me to train smarter:

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Strength in Depth – The Competition

We had all been waiting for what seemed like forever for Strength in Depth to come around. We were so pumped. Unfortunately, three of the original 12 who completed qualifier three didn’t make the trip to Bath. One was working away; one had other commitments that weekend and one got a calf injury the week before the finals. Luckily for our gym, we genuinely do have strength in depth, and we were able to field strong athletes in their place. It’s a shame those athletes couldn’t make it but the guys who stepped in gave it their all (some at incredibly last minute), and that’s all you can ask.

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This time last year I didn’t know what Battle of the Beasts (BotB) was. This year I was looking forward to competing in one of the biggest and best CrossFit competitions in the UK. Having looked at last year’s competitors, I felt like Competition Director Carl Saville had stepped it up a gear this year as the level of athletes taking part was phenomenal. I noted that the podium winner’s prize money had increased, which could be the reason for this? The final two heats of the competition were littered with some of Europe’s top 30 male and female CrossFit Open athletes. Just to take part in the same competition as these athletes was a step in the right direction for me.

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